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"I not only bring my experience as a professional to Allternative Gym in Atlanta, but my experience as a mom. This is why I treat every specials needs child as I would expect Natalie to be treated and every special needs adult as if they were my family member; with respect and love. I thank God every day for the blessings in my life, my children, my husband and my experiences in life!"

In 1994 Angie prematurely gave birth to a baby girl - Natalie, who was diagnosed with special needs. From the very beginning, Angie was involved with Natalie's special needs therapy. In 1998, Angie joined Parent-to-Parent and became an advocate for children with special needs.  In 1999, she formed the first soccer ledge in Homestead, Florida. Eventually, the National Organization of Kiwanis got involved and helped support the VIP soccer program, which is now available in three counties.

After becoming a medical massage therapist in 2002, Angie went to Mielno, Poland for a fairly unknown treatment for special needs children in the US - ADELI Suit Therapy. She was hired by Natalie's current therapy center to train the staff on all the new exercises and patterning routines she learned in Poland. At the time, Natalie’s therapy center was using the Thera Suit which mimics the ADELI Suit. Angie soon became their top-certified suit therapist and eventually their corporate trainer.

She traveled the country training physical and occupational therapists on massage techniques, strengthening exercises, and developmental exercises to perform in the suit. Then in 2004 Angie was asked to go back to Mielno, Poland to train under the original ADELI Suit Therapy therapist for a week. Months later, she also trained under one of the original Russian doctors who created the ADELI Suit. She was asked to treat patients of different severities, conditions, and ages. This then allowed the company to purchase the ADELI Suit and become the first certified center in the US to offer ADELI Suit therapy.

Later in the year she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Waeel Sallam from Egypt who created his own suit, the Bungy Suit. In 2005 the company Angie was working for started developing their own suit named the Neuro Suit, which she helped design, develop, and create. They are still in use today.

In 2006, when Natalie's therapy center closed Angie was inspired to open Allternative Gym. She became a Certified Fitness Trainer that specializes in the special needs population. Angie is also a certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy and is now completing the requirements for a degree in exercise science.

Allternative Gym opened in June of 2006 and its doors have been flooded ever since with special needs children and adults seeking therapy who have cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, brain trauma, spine trauma, autism, Aspergers and many other neurological disorders. Angie has treated special needs children and adults from as far away as Brazil. She's worked with patients from 12 months diagnosed with developmental delays to a 72 year young stroke patient.

There is no other gym like Allternative Gym in the country where any one of any age can participate in special needs therapy, working with the top-trained fitness therapists in the world and feel at ease while doing so. We’re a special gym for special people.

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