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Allternative Gym’s intense exercise program for specials needs children and adults consists of a two-on-one ratio —  a skilled professional and an assistant. Depending on the patient’s needs, the program is a 3 - 4 week session with the patient being seen five days per week for four hours per day. The intense program focuses on strengthening and flexibility with the use of massage therapy, ADELI Suit intensive suit therapy, universal exercise unit, and progressive resistance exercises. Programs are individualized for specific needs of the special needs child or adult. This intense program is ideal for those who want to enhance and improve developmental and functional abilities such as balance and coordination and gait. Increasing intensity of physical fitness for a short period of time shows improvement in functional measures for mild-to-moderate or severe motor deficits. Our specials needs therapy is ideal for treatment of cerebral palsy, brain trauma, spinal trauma, multiple sclerosis, stroke and many other neurological disorders. Research has shown that rehabilitative gains in motor control through treatment with the ADELI Suit are retained after the intensive course is completed. We are one of the few centers in the Atlanta area to offer ADELI Suit therapy. 



How Allternative Gym is Different from Other Suit Therapy Centers

  • Allternative Gym owner, Angie Gomez, is the only one of the original three who completed the training program in Poland and Russia who is actually working with the ADELI Suit and its methods
  • Allternative Gym is the only specials needs gym to have and use a nine-foot cage (universal exercise unit), which enables us to provide therapy treatment to special needs adults.
  • Allternative Gym is the most experienced special needs gym for specials needs children and adults in the use of the ADELI suit as a part of physical fitness and special needs therapy.
  • Allternative Gym’s special needs therapy costs less because we are special needs fitness trainers and not physical or occupational therapists. We bring a different approach to special needs therapy that enables us to offer lower rates to our patients.


Benefits of ADELI Suit Therapy


The ADELI Suit used as a treatment for cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders acts as an exoskeleton to provide continuous joint compression and proprioceptive input to the body while being worn. The input from the suit sends signals to the brain to facilitate a motor response from the central nervous system. This response reeducates specific muscles in new movement patterns while the body is in correct alignment to improve motor function. The bungees allow the body to be in correct postural alignment and provide continuous tactile stimulation to desired muscle groups. The bungees also provide resistance to all muscle groups during movement for strengthening through their entire range of motion.


  • Provides exoskeleton for trunk stabilization
  • Helps to normalize muscle tone
  • Functions to align the body
  • Corrects alignment during functional activities
  • Sensory input through all joints
  • Loads force to impact central nervous system
  • Provides support to areas of weakness
  • Strengthens appropriate muscles
  • Promotes an increase in bone density


ADELI Suit Therapy Cost

Allternative Gym’s ADELI Suit Therapy is an invaluable gift you can give to your special needs child or adult loved one. Our intensive special needs therapy program costs $5,900 per three weeks, which translates to 60 hours of specialized intensive therapy with benefits that will last a lifetime.



2017 Intensive Suit Therapy Schedule

Allternative Gym offers intensive suit therapy in three week blocks throughout the year, so there is sure to be a session to fit your needs and schedule.



April 10 – 28


May 29 – June 2


June 5 – 23


July (Call for Availability)


August 7 – 25


September 11 – 29


October 9 - 27



**November  – December**

Call for Availability 




* 1 and 2 weeks sessions are available upon request and availability.




Allternative Gym is Ideal for Special Needs Adults & Children

Cerebral Palsy
Stroke Survivors
Brain/Spinal Trauma
Multiple Sclerosis
Near Drowning
Downs Syndrome

Lyme Disease
Alzheimer's Disease
Bell's Palsy
Parkinson's Disease
Muscular Dystrophy
and Other Neurological Disorders



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