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Witness Some of the Incredible Accomplishments of Our Patients

Every day brings another success story at Allternative Gym. We have been successfully providing treatment to Metro Atlanta special needs children and adults since we opened in 2006. Our specialized gym therapy has facilitated incredible accomplishments in our patients. We invite you and your loved one to be our next success story.


My daughter Alyssa has Cerebal Palsy,and we signed up for Adeli Suit therapy along with Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Allternative Gym.We used to go to other PT and OT places and I can clearly say that ALternative Gym is way above anyone else,when it comes to understanding and preparing the body for Cerebal Palsy patients.Ms.Angie and Mr.Jaime are professionals who take their time to teach a step by step process and making the patients feel and understand their body.Allternative Gym methods are very different as each patient has their own designed plan for the intensive three weeks program.In our case,Alyssa is learning to understand her body movements and she is thought to use other muscles to help with her balance,coordination,weight shifting,and overall posture.


In these three weeks,Alyssa achieved more then she had achieved in 6 years of prior PT and OT therapy.For the first time,Alyssa had walked the entire indoor soccer field by herself,used the treadmill independently for more than 30 minutes,walked by herself using ropes to balance her body,and increased the strength of her core muscles due to various different activities in the gym.Allternative Gym is a relaxing place for children to come and work in a fun but very challenging environment.From day one,Alyssa loved everything about the program,the staff and she felt very motivated.We could not imagine a better place for her to work and continue to improve than Allternative Gym.Our experience here has been quite amazing.I would like to thank Ms.Angie,Mr.Jaime,Mr.Ricky,and Natalie for working and helping Alyssa improve,and for making her feel right at home.


Juliana never made gains with her regular one time per week physical therapy,I knew it was time for a change when I discovered Allternative Gym.Since coming to Allternative Gym the encouragement has been nothing but positive.Allternative Gym has given my daughter tremendous strength and the best of all the confidence that she truly loves.The level of expertice at Allternative Gym is fantastic.Having taken Juliana to many types of therapy I have to say this clinic got it right.I am impressed by the advance programs and professionalism of every staff member I have in contact with.Thank you!Keep up the good work.


Mi nombre es Silvia Crespo soy mama de valentina Torres ella es una niña de necesidades especiales ella ha recibido terapia durante Dos meses en el Allternative Gym con Angie, El avance que ha tenido en este corto tiempo es en la hora de caminar dura mas tiempo, En uno de sus brazos el derecho a ella se le estaba torciendo pero hoy en día le luce muy bien mas recto esto es gracias A DIOS y el trabajo que han hecho con ella en el gym.



We appreciate all of the energy from the ‘girls’ at Allternative Gym. We’ve noticed Jake stands straighter, bends his left knee more, has a better all around gait, slimmer stomach, and straighter shoulders during and after his three week intensive suit therapy session. It was a very positive experience. The staff is very caring and follows though. I appreciate that they worked with Jake for four hours a day to help him accomplish his goals. We also received a great outline for a home program. Allternative Gym is like family to us.


I, as well as my husband and Emily's brother and sister, have noticed great improvement in Emily since she's been working with Angie and going to Allternative Gym. Emily is 17 and has cerebral palsy. We were told at birth that she would never walk. Now, with the help of Angie, her staff and the intensive suit therapy, she can now walk using a walker, sit up unassisted, ride her bike and do so much more. She is even walking on the ropes unassisted and standing independently! Nothing is easy for her, but Angie and her staff make it fun and definitely encourage her. Angie and the staff work so well with the patients and really want them to improve. Emily also uses the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, which is an addition to Allternative Gym’s amazing therapy. Angie never lets her patients quit and always makes them believe that they can do it! Emily has been working with Angie for eight years, and we were so happy when she decided to open her own gym. Emily now goes for two weeks about every two months, and even when she's not at the gym, it's nice that Angie sends home an exercise program so that Emily can continue to improve. Angie has a gift that I'm glad she shares with my daughter, and with many other amazing patients. I thank her and all her staff!


Rocky is very social and loves people, but when it comes to therapy, he needs a lot of motivation. Allternative Gym was able to provide all the motivation that Rocky needed. Angie, Charity, and Megan understand kids and their need and always keep up with Rocky's expectations. Allternative Gym helps Rocky build strength and become stronger physically. The kids feel the love, faith, encouragement, belongingness and most of all respect that's in this gym. All of these make Angie's Allternative Gym so special for our Rocky. Angie, Charity and Megan are totally dedicated to their patients. They motivate and push them to their limit. Here they use human interaction for motivating kids, so toys do not matter.


I'm so excited to share my family's experience with the Allternative Gym. My 10-year-old daughter Morgan was born prematurely at 28 weeks weighing only 1 pound and 10 ounces. At the age of 2 she was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Morgan has undergone multiple procedures and has also participated in numerous therapeutic programs, all with the goal of maximizing her full potential. As a parent of a child with special needs you want the best for your child and we sometimes tend to question conventional medicine and therapies. Our last experience with a conventional therapist left us with a feeling of aloneness after being told that we needed to become more realistic and work together towards new goals knowing and understanding that Morgan will never walk. The proposed goal was to work solely on wheelchair transitioning. Realizing that Morgan's therapist no longer believed in Morgan's abilities as our family did, my husband and I realized that we had to find someone that shared our beliefs.

Allternative Gym has been an answer to our prayers. Morgan began the Gym Membership Fitness training program in March 2010. In just two months Morgan has made more leaps and bounds in these sessions than she has in years of working with a conventional physical therapist. Morgan now stands straighter and her endurance in using the gym equipment and performing daily tasks has increased. I have even noticed that in dressing Morgan she has better control of her muscles. In addition, Morgan is mastering bike riding and is now the proud owner of a blue tricycle. Riding a bicycle with minimal assistance is something we never even dreamed of! Angie and her team not only provide our family with a genuine sense of belief that Morgan can accomplish her goal of walking, but, they have also given her the confidence and attitude of "I CAN DO IT!”. The quality of therapy Morgan receives is outstanding and her continued advancement shows that we made the right decision. Our family resides in Conyers, but, it is definitely worth the 1-hour drive. Thank you Allternative Gym! - Jennifer Johnson, mother of Morgan




Allternative Gym is Ideal for Special Needs Adults & Children

Cerebral Palsy
Stroke Survivors
Brain/Spinal Trauma
Multiple Sclerosis
Near Drowning
Downs Syndrome
Lyme Disease
Alzheimer's Disease
Bell's Palsy
Parkinson's Disease
Muscular Dystrophy
and Other Neurological Disorders


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