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Our Story

Hi! Let me share a little about me and our story. My name is Angelica, but everyone calls me Angie. My daughter Natalie, who has cerebral palsy, is the true inspiration for this journey. Around 2001, I graduated from medical massage therapy school in Florida. We had spent years of doing traditional therapy of PT, OT and speech with my daughter who was 6 years old at the time. During this time, I knew there had to be something more for my daughter and for other kids like her than just your traditional weekly therapy sessions. I was determined to help Natalie achieve her best potential and to help other kids as well. I would massage and stretch her before therapy and then do some active ROM (range of motion) to get the most out of every session.  We saw small gains, so those gains spurred me on to find ways to help even more. At the end of 2001, I got the opportunity to work for her then OT who had a ranch with hippo (horse) therapy. I worked there for 5 years and got trained in different modalities (suit therapy and cage unit). These “nontraditional”therapies helped my daughter and others achieve more of their potential than any other rehab intervention. I still offer these same treatments today at Allternative Gym. During those initial training years, I was able to go to Poland (EuroMed) for more extensive training. In Poland, I trained with one of the original Russian doctors who helped create the Adeli suit, which I still currently use.


In June of 2006, I was blessed with the opportunity to open my own gym that specializes in exercise therapy for kids and adults with disabilities. I must confess I first did it for Natalie, but soon came to realize that I could help so many others.  I knew there was hope for these younger and older adults live a healthier, more active life despite their disabilities. The big difference is that I specialize in “exercise” therapy. I not only work on functional activities, but overall strengthening of the muscles as well.


Now almost 20 years later, I am still working with individuals with their specific treatment plan. Each plan is tailored to the person, so they can achieve their maximum potential and have a healthier functional lifestyle. I would love the opportunity to help you or your loved one on their journey to becoming more independent and physically active.  It can happen. Let’s talk.

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