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Suit Therapy

Intensive Suit Therapy

The ADELI suit, originally designed for the Russian space program, offered cosmonauts (in a weightless setting for extended periods) the "compression resistance" their bodies needed to preserve muscle tone.

The ADELI suit is made up of a vest, shorts, knee pads and spacial shoes. They attached by using bungee type bands that are used to correctly align the body and provides resistance as movements are performed. The main function of The ADELI Suit is to improve  awareness of where the body is in space, reducing pathological reflexes, restore proper patterns of movement and load the body with weight similar to gravitational force while in correct alignment.


While in The ADELI Suit, the patient is put through a series of exercises targeting their developmental needs. By performing precise and intensive movements, we "retrain" the brain to build new pathways. Repetition builds strength along with correct patterns of muscle movements.

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